Special postcard formats holding a 3″ CD or DVD

Are you looking for a greeting card that is much better than the norm to make an exclusive impression?
Do you want to attach music or a film to add even more value to your greetings? Great idea!
Make sure not to spoil it on the last yards. Take the best packaging option that combines greeting card and disc – the M4-Card. Smart design language lets you feel the combination of the analogous greeting card and the digital disc in your hands.

Temeswar - Panoramic Postcard with Virtual Tour

We can offer a wide range of formats as well as a range of stunningly wide formatted greeting cards with integrated discs.Within limits it is even possible to adjust the position of the disc within the card to your needs.

Interzuum Fair - Greeting Card with mini CD

Besides our standard formats we can also offer special formats like panoramic cards and postcards with flap. We can come up with the right packaging for your needs.

A flap gives you more space for information and adds to the perceived value of the card. This is a nice option for invitations or christmas cards with a special present.

Instead of a groove, we can also add a perforation to the CD postcard so you can use one side as a detachable response element.

You decide which postcard format you would like to use. Of course, you may as well create a new one for example a square shaped postcard.

Many more standard and custom formats are possible. Even folders with embedded disc. Just inquire about your favorite choice.