Have you wondered why we sell blank cards?

Simple answer: We encourage creativity.

Blank Father's day cardsinstagram: @me4dia

We’ve been given tons of printed cards with numerous designs of different sorts: pop-up cards, cutout cards, you name it. Of course it’s great for last-minute buys or those who want artistic fancy card designs, but wouldn’t it be better to design your own card? I mean it’s the sincerity that matters!

By providing a blank canvas, we want to encourage people to create and design. Oh and did I mention, there’s also a Mini-CD which can hold self-made videos, pictures and more! So the creative process wouldn’t just stop at drawing cards, making the whole gift more personalised.

So just get your pens out now and start creating! Don’t limit yourself and be creative!


You can find the card here: shop.m4-card.com

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