Disc postcard with Mini CD or DVD format DIN A6

Mini CD postcard DIN A6, front side

Here is one example of a M4-Card® in the standard postcard format DIN A6.
attrativo designed it to look like a record player and fully maxed out the attraction of this elegant medium by creating a fine cognitive dissonance. At the same time it indicates that there is music content inside the postcard. Therefore the receiver instantly realized the extra value of the card and was sure to keep it. Bingo. Thank you for collecting this add and giving attrativo your extra attention!

DIN A6 is the smallest DIN format for a postcard that holds a mini disc: 105mm x 148mm.

Still it can hold an 8cm/3″-CD or -DVD fixed by the adhesive foil that secures the CD to the postcard.

For information about designing your special M4-Card format DIN A6, see this PDF M4-Card layout DIN A6 or browse for more through our other templates in our download section.

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