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Disc postcard with Mini CD or DVD format DIN A6

Here is one example of a M4-Card® in the standard postcard format DIN A6. attrativo designed it to look like a record player and fully maxed out the attraction of this elegant medium by creating a fine cognitive dissonance. At the same time it indicates

Special postcard formats holding a 3″ CD or DVD

Are you looking for a greeting card that is much better than the norm to make an exclusive impression? Do you want to attach music or a film to add even more value to your greetings? Great idea! Make sure not to spoil it on

Medium sized postcard: format DIN B6 with 8cm disc

Slightly bigger than DIN A6, B6 is the format mostly used by our customers. It has the maximum heights for postcard postage in Germany and weighs less than 17g including the disc. It is certified for only postcard postage. It holds an 8cm-CD or DVD

For regular CDs and DVDs: postcard format DIN A5

Format DIN A5 disc postcards (148mm x 210mm) can hold a regular sized CD or DVD (standard size). The DIN A5 postcard including a full size disc (M4-Card Maxi) weighs only 29grams. This is much lighter than any other packaging except paperbags. This is a