Promotion for Producers, Bands and Musicians

How to promote your music?

Pancore FluteThe internet has changed a lot for bands and musicians. Many now heavily rely on online promotion, online radio and online sales. Some of them do not have a music label anymore, but rather organize and contol everything themselves. This has a large impact on cost structures, chances and visibility, even when you are brand new to the business.

Where chances become visible, the market will populate!

Sooner or later, you will need something very special to stand out from the crowd. Quality, word of mouth in social media and smart (guerilla) marketing ideas increasingly have become a success factor. Strawanza_Music-Christmas Card-A5_klIt is good to address niches, that are not overly used. If they are, do it in a special way.

We have analyzed, that music (self) promotion is far less represented in offline marketing than it used to be. This clearly is a perceived cost issue and may also be the “unsexiness” of old school communication. Of course, you can send your demo online like everybody does, but why not go for the wow-effect! Send it by regular mail. To editors, radio stations, labels. Not in an envelope, with lots of stamps on it – send it like a postcard! You will save postage, unpacking time of the recipient, and you will have an entrance with style. Trust me. When you follow up, you will only have to mention the CD postcard to be recognized. Don’t even start with “I send you my demo”. Got it? Try it here! We are happy to assist you.

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