Have you wondered why we sell blank cards?

Simple answer: We encourage creativity. instagram: @me4dia We’ve been given tons of printed cards with numerous designs of different sorts: pop-up cards, cutout cards, you name it. Of course it’s great for last-minute buys or those who want artistic fancy card designs, but wouldn’t it

Time for a special Valentine’s card

Are you ready to give a Valentine’s card to someone special? Why not add an extra twist – ahm – music mix? This is your chance to impress with a cool postcard! See more cool mixtape postcards with CD-R in this selection. Happy Valentine’s Day

Promotion for Producers, Bands and Musicians

How to promote your music? The internet has changed a lot for bands and musicians. Many now heavily rely on online promotion, online radio and online sales. Some of them do not have a music label anymore, but rather organize and contol everything themselves. This

Season’s Greetings with a Disc

Undoubtedly, the most popular time for greeting cards and postcards is the season before New Year’s Eve. Like non-religious season’s or holiday greeting card or a christian Christmas card it is widely used to express feelings and communicate appreciation for one another in a well